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Parish Boundary Map c1950Under the revised Scheme set by the Charity Commissioners in 1994, the Governors of the Endowment Fund are permitted to award grants to individuals or other voluntary charitable organisations under the following regulations:

(a) The Governors are only empowered to award grants to individuals or voluntary charitable organisations who reside within the old Parish of Alvechurch.
This area includes Alvechurch, Hopwood, Rowney Green, Bordesley and those parts of Barnt Green only up to the railway line. The land beyond the railway line is excluded.
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(b) They are able to award a grant to an individual that will enable them to obtain special benefits of any kind which is not normally provided by the local education authority. This can also apply to such instances where the benefits concerned are not normally included within the budget of a local school.
In these circumstances the Governors of the Fund, and the Governor or the Head Teacher of the school concerned must agree the benefits concerned.

(c) To award a grant to an individual who is under the age of 25 years which will enable them to continue their education. All applicants must be resident or have a parent(s) residing within the area outlines in section (a).
*** Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are in need of financial assistance. ***

In these circumstances the Governors are empowered to offer grants in the form of scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, or maintenance allowances.
They may also offer financial assistance for the purchase of such items as outfits, clothing, tool instruments or books to undertake travel which will enable the applicant to complete their studies.

(d) To award a grant to any voluntary charitable organisation within the area outlined in section (a), which includes the promotion of the education or the improvement of the conditions of life for persons under the age of 25 years who are in need of financial assistance. The Governors are also empowered to award a grant to a voluntary charitable organisation that is concerned with the physical, mental and moral capacities of young persons under the age of 25 years.

At all times the Governors have the power to make the rules awarding grants and to determine the eligibility of applicants.

If you have any queries regarding the application or are unsure if you are within the qualifying area, then please contact us by email:

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  • In the past 12 months the trust has made more than 30 awards, e.g. towards the cost of books or IT equipment required for further education.
    Grants are also provided for educational trips, both at home and abroad.

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    Voluntary charitable organisations with an educational emphasis, working with children within the area outlined above can also apply.

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