The Alvechurch Grammar School Trust has supported hundreds of individuals over the years, in projects varying from as little as £10 to over £1,300.
Below are a few examples of the types of activities the Trust can help with.

Himalayas Expedition

The Trust provided funding for an individual’s expedition in the Indian Himalayas in 2015 as part of a British Exploring Society trip, carrying out glacial ablation surveys. The recipient described the trip as “an adventure with a real purpose”, developing leadership qualities, gaining additional data collection skills and providing a different perspective by having the opportunity to visit such a unique part of the world.

A community project in Argentina

After making an application to the Trust, local resident Laura received an award to take part in a community project in Argentina. She says, “A grant from the Alvechurch Grammar School Trust enabled me to fulfil my dream of travelling to Argentina during my compulsory year abroad as a student of languages. I spent time working with a small church which aims to meet the physical and spiritual needs of one of the poorest communities in the city of Córdoba. Thanks to the support of the AGST, I was able to make a real difference and of course, return to university speaking fluent Spanish!”

A young person’s first trip away from home

The Trust awarded a grant to a local child to enable her to travel to Spain  with the support of two carers. The grant gave her the confidence to go away from home for the first time, learning through new experiences and to have the opportunity to enjoy being a typical teenager.

A grant to pursue a talent in music

The Trust supported keen young musician Jacob with the purchase of a full size cello, enabling him to continue developing his talent for the instrument. Jacob said, “I had been learning to play the cello for a number of years starting with 1/2 and 3/4 size cellos. When I moved onto a full size cello the price tag was considerably larger. Cellos vary greatly in quality and price and I was keen to move forward with a cello that would take me through to grade 8. 
“With the support of the Alvechurch Grammar School Trust I was able to purchase a cello that I went on to play in Birmingham Schools’ Symphony Orchestra and when I was in year 13 gained my grade 8. I now play in Liverpool University Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra.

“Thank you for the support in my musical journey.”

Other Awards:

  • A £125 contribution towards school uniform costs
  • £500 towards the cost of a degree course in Medical Neuroscience at Sussex University
  • £1,330 towards furnishings for a new venue designed to support local children and youth groups
  • £495 funding for an individual’s school trip to the Battlefields of Belgium