The Alvechurch Grammar School Trust is founded on a history of charitable activity, and provides significant funds and grants for young people and local clubs in Alvechurch and Barnt Green who would otherwise be unable to afford their chosen activity.

The Trust provides grants three times a year and deadlines for applications are 1st January, 1st May and 1st September each year.

The History

The Trust was first established over 200 years ago, in the parish of Alvechurch and Barnt Green to provide poor relief to those in need. It subsequently became the Alvechurch Grammar School, located in the building that is now the Post Office in Bear Hill, Alvechurch.

In 1892, the school closed down and the money put into an endowment fund to provide funds for educational purposes for any young person under the age of 25 years resident within that Parish.

It’s because of this history that the area supported by the Trust follows the historical Christian Church Parish boundaries, rather than the modern area of Alvechurch. These boundaries are Weatheroak, Bordesley, Hopwood, Rowney Green, Alvechurch and Barnt Green. Please see our map for specific details.

The Alvechurch Grammar School Trust is still active today and welcomes applications from people in the qualifying area to support with funding grants for educational purposes.